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Take back control from the flushes, sweats and interrupted sleep

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Menopause Symptoms: Welcome

How can Hypnotherapy help my Menopuase symptoms?

Many high-profile women have spoken out about how they were affected by their symptoms and how they have come through the other side. HRT is now also recognised as being a much safer option than was previously thought. However many women are either unwilling or unable to take hormone replacement, so what else is there?
We know that there are other effective options out there which are clinically proven to actually work. British Medical Journal has published a review of alternative treatments for hot flushes which concluded that cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy were the only two alternative treatments that they could recommend as being effective in reducing the experience of vasomotor symptoms  (hot flushes).
Yet the benefits of hypnotherapy for menopausal symptoms are rarely talked about and very few doctors or women know of its positive outcomes.
During the 8 week program our 5 private sessions are focused on supporting you to take back control and manage or reduce symptoms such as poor sleep, hot flushes, anxiety and help you to reduce stress and relax

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