Can Any One Be Hypnotised

During our day to day lives we all go into trance like states. There will be moments where you might realise that time has gone faster than you thought whilst you were engrossed in an activity you enjoy, such has reading a book, gardening, doing a puzzle and some times even driving a route you take all the time and you realise you don't remember a portion of the trip you just travelled and it seems that time jumped forward.

When experiencing hypnosis the person remains awake and alert, and can converse with the therapist to work through issues. The state of hypnosis is induced by relaxing the conscious mind, the part of the mind which over thinks and tries to rationalise everything. When this part of the mind is relaxed the therapist can speak to, and work with the clients subconscious mind, which is where our irrational thoughts, fears and self talk reside.

By doing this the therapist can assist you to work through the issues that are holding you back and help to remove old habits, fears or beliefs and to enable you to make the change that you seek.

If we consider the conscious and sub-conscious mind, we know for example that some one who is struggling to get to a healthy weight knows what foods are healthy and that generally weight loss requires eating less and moving more. Our conscious mind knows this and is also aware of the health concerns that being over weight can cause, so why is it so hard to change?

To make the long term change and not continue the yo-yo diet merry-go-round, or any other habit or change we want to make, we must address the thought or belief held in the unconscious mind to flick the switch of change. The therapist does not give you the answers but guides you through the process of self discovery and empowerment to reach the outcome you seek.

Through out this process you are in control, if you want to be hypnotised then you can and will be. Every one has the capacity to be hypnotised, every one has the potential to make the positive changes that they seek if they are willing to allow themselves.

There are so many areas that Hypnotherapy can assist us with such as pain, stress, anxiety, depression, weight loss, quit smoking, release from fears and phobias , concentration and performance enhancement, blushing, nail biting, the list is limitless.

The only remaining question is "Are you ready to take control and make the changes that you seek?"

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