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Hypnosis and weight loss

Since beginning my journey as a professional hypnotherapist I always knew that I would endeavour to support and treat people with health related issues due to my medical background, and to date the most common request for help I receive is for assistance to loose weight.

Regardless of how much or little the person has to loose, the issues that they struggle with each day are at the core quite similar. When people arrive they talk about feeling tired, stressed, busy, poor sleep, finding them selves rewarding themselves with foods or putting themselves last.

Hypnotherapy is not a magic wand and unfortunately you will not wake up in the morning looking like a supermodel. But what the people that I have provided therapy for report is a greater sense of confidence in their own willpower and abilities, having control over their eating habits, sometimes for the first time; by being mindful about what their body needs and replacing bad eating habits with healthy ones.

And most importantly self care, realising that their health and well being IS important, that being a good mother, partner, carer, friend and person does not mean putting yourself, your health and your well being last.

The end result from our therapy sessions being CONFIDENCE, CONTROL, MINDFULNESS and SELF CARE. And when you have all of these tools you will no longer want to treat your body and your health poorly resulting in a healthier, more energetic, happier, relaxed and slimmer you.

I provide a wonderful 4 week program to help get you get your relationship with your body back on track, which can be provided both 1:1 and in small groups.

Start to put yourself first today by making a call for a free 10 minute telephone consultation

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