Managing Stress

Today is International Stress Awareness Day (4th No 2020)

Here are 5 tips to help manage your stress

1. Get moving each day - exercise releases endorphins which is put feel good hormone and reduces cortisol which we produce when stressed, helping not only to improve your mods but also your sleep 😴

2. Cut back on caffeine - more than a couple of cups of coffee a day increases anxiety and possible jitteriness.

3. Get writing - you may choose to write down what is worrying you to get it off your chest or you may choose to instead write down daily what you are grateful for

4. Laugh - whether enjoying a giggle with friends, watching a funny show or even joining a laughing circle, laughter is a great stress reliever and has been found to not only improve your mood but also your immune system.

5. Find an activity that is relaxing to you - this could be yoga, mindfulness, spending time with your pet, reading, aromatherapy, warm bath or listen to music. What ever works for you find some time each day for yourself

Hypnotherapy is great to help you to manage stress in the long term, to cut back on procrastination, feeling empowered to say no and remain calm in stressful situations

Get in touch to chat more about how hypnotherapy can help you on (03) 8564 8633

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