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Self Care During Isolation

Never before has self care been so important. See our 5 tips for self care during covid shielding

1. Keep a routine. Get up each morning at your usual time and make your bed straight away. Not only does this kick start your motivation for the day but also gives you the treat of a beautifully made bed to fall into at the end of the day

2. Get showered and dressed every day. As easy as it is to spend the day in your pjs you never get motivated to start your day and you feel so good after a long warm shower.

3. Eat well. Sure the occasional treat is nice but it is so easy to fall into unhealthy eating habits. Write a menu for the week, plan healthy meals you really enjoy and stick to it.

4. Get moving. It doesn’t have to be a long jog. There are so many options for exercise whilst at home, jump on line and try out yoga, line dancing, arm chair exercises or aerobics. Again all from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Who knows you might find your next favourite hobby

5. Sleep. It is astounding how much influence sleep has on our over all wellbeing and mental health. Ask any new parent. Set your self a bed time and ensure you allow your mind to wind down before that time by cutting back on screen time before bed and grab a book and a warm drink instead to get you ready for a good nights sleep

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