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What is mindfulness

Mindfulness put simply is being aware of where we are and what we are doing and feeling in that moment.

When feeling overwhelmed or anxious about things going on around us mindfulness is a really useful technique that creates space for you to think, breathe and reset.

To try mindfulness simply take a few minutes to be still and pay attention to how your body feels and what is going on in your mind.

You will find your mind wandering and that’s ok, the more you practice bringing your thoughts back the better you will become at preventing moving through life in autopilot. Like getting to the end of the meal or bottom of a chip packet without having noticed or enjoyed what you consumed.

With my hypnotherapy weight loss program I teach you how to use mindfulness to start to listen to your body again, to be in the moment and notice the feeling of fullness when eating as well as enjoying and taking pleasure and time when you eat.

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